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6 Things To Do Before Your Laser Hair Removal Treatments Begin

June 27, 2022

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Getting a laser hair removal treatment is a great idea, especially if you are tired of constantly shaving and waxing. Waxing your bikini line or shaving your underarms is an inconvenience that steals you of time that could be spent doing something much more enjoyable. Beyond the time, other hair removal tasks like eliminating upper lip hair can also be quite painful. This summer, opt for a more permanent hair removal option with laser hair removal. In recent years, more and more women are turning to laser hair removal treatments to get rid of unwanted hair once and for all. If you’re interested in these treatments, we’ve put together a list of laser hair removal prep tips to make your experience even more quick and easy!

One question for many who are new to these treatments is “how does laser hair removal work in the first place?” The hair is removed with the aid of a laser that emits specific wavelengths that target the pigments found in the root of the hair follicles. The follicles absorb the light which enables the lasers to destroy the hair follicles without causing any damage to the surface of the skin. 

To get the best out of the treatments here is how to prepare for laser hair removal:

1. Stop Plucking and Waxing 

One of the best ways to prepare for hair removal treatment is to cease all forms of plucking and waxing. As laser hair removal works by seeking out the roots of the hair, it is important to leave the areas to be treated alone for at least four to six weeks before the first appointment. Shaving is not a mortal sin and is encouraged as it does not affect the root of the hair. It is important to adhere to the ‘no plucking six weeks before your next appointment’ rule to get the best results. 

2. Shave the Area

As previously mentioned, shaving the area is encouraged as long as no plucking or waxing is going on. A shave 24 to 48 hours before the appointed date is important. While the hair root is invisible, the laser can seek it out within the pigment. By shaving, you reduce the chances of burns with the hair being below the skin’s surface. 

3. Avoid Sun Exposure

What to do before laser hair removal—avoid the sun for at least two weeks before the laser hair removal procedure. Keeping the affected areas out of the sun also includes avoiding tanning beds and self-tanners. They can result in skin discoloration after the laser treatment. In addition, sunburn can lead to excessive pain and blistering. 

4. Put Down the Bleach 

As you now know, laser treatments seek out the root of the hairs. Your hair pigment or color can be found in the root and it absorbs the lights produced by the laser. This is how the hair is permanently destroyed. With bleached hair, the pigment is altered and it becomes increasingly difficult to target the hairs. Before any laser hair removal treatment, it is important to stop bleaching. This is enough time for the hair roots to grow back to their original color, making it easier for the laser to do its job easily and efficiently. 

5. Check Your Medication

Before going under the laser, so to speak, you must speak up about all the medications you are taking. This includes all oral and topical medications. Some medications can affect your laser treatment and make them less effective. Other forms of medication can make the skin sensitive and more likely to burn and blister. Important medications that must be mentioned include antibiotics, birth control, acne, and photosensitizing medications. Depending on the medication, it is not a must that you stop taking them. However, the knowledge will have the laser professional adjust your treatment and proceed with added caution. Apart from medications you are already taking, you should also divulge any new medication you take at your next appointment.

6. Remove Makeup or Creams 

When it comes to laser treatments, makeup and creams are a big no on the day of the treatment. This is because the ingredients contained in those beauty products can affect the result of laser hair removal procedures. All makeup and cream products must be removed from the area being treated. Instead, you cannot go wrong with soap and water to clean the area to be treated. 


When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal treatments are the best way to go. As a more permanent solution, it ensures that you don’t have to constantly deal with invading and unwanted hair follicles. By following the tips outlined above before going for a laser hair removal treatment, you’ll help ensure that you have a great experience and get the best possible results. For more information or if you have any other questions, please contact The Skin Agency at (818) 308-7394.

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