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PRP Treatments
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Los Angeles PRP Treatment

Daily exposure to the sun can make your skin look dull. Our new PRP (platelet-rich plasma) treatment at The Skin Agency in Los Angeles, CA., will give back youthful-looking skin, making your skin look healthier and rejuvenated. Schedule your PRP consultation at the Los Angeles Skin Agency today! We offer PRP facial injections, microneedling with PRP, and PRP hair restoration, so you can achieve your most authentically youthful look.

Revolutionary Treatment

What is PRP Treatment?

A PRP treatment is an injectable solution of your own blood that induces new cell formation and increases collagen. Plasma is the transparent fluid that carries your blood cells. It also contains several proteins, many of which support cell growth.

By injecting plasma, it stimulates the development of new, healthy cells and promotes your skin’s healing process. The preparation of the plasma fluid injection guarantees the highest concentration of growth factors, so damaged skin cells will be stimulated to grow and heal faster. The whole procedure is done with the help of a microneedling device and is used to create intentional and superficial “micro-injuries” to the outermost layer of the skin. This will jump-start your skin’s healing process. PRP Treatments have been FDA-approved for treating multiple medical conditions, like tendon injuries, alopecia, acute sports injuries, and osteoarthritis. Multiple studies prove that PRP treatments can help your damaged cells' healing process.

Los Angeles PRP Treatment

Rejuvenate Your Skin

What are the benefits of PRP Treatment?

When plasma is injected or used with microneedling, the growth factor will encourage your skin to get rid of dying, old cells and form new, healthy skin cells. PRP Treatment leads to an increase in collagen and elastin. These components are essential for your skin's youth and elasticity. PRP improves your overall skin texture, decreases the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes. PRP treatments can also help reduce the appearance of acne and surgical scars, as well as promote hair growth.

PRP Treatment Los Angeles

Advanced Skin Solution

Am I a good candidate for PRP Treatment?

PRP is an ideal anti-aging solution if you want to rejuvenate your skin naturally and safely. Wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, crow's feet, under-eye hollows, and hair loss can all be diminished by PRP treatments. However, certain cases are not recommended to undergo PRP treatments, and you should go through your medical history with your healthcare provider to decide what treatment suits you.

Simple Yet

Your PRP Treatment Procedure

The first step is that your registered nurse will draw a blood sample. The blood will be placed into a centrifuge—a machine that rapidly spins causing the blood components to separate. Then, your plasma will be collected and prepared for injection into your treatment areas. Before the injection, your provider will apply an anesthetic cream to your facial skin or include the anesthetic in the injections. After your skin is numb, the plasma is injected through an ultra-fine needle just below the target area. Most PRP treatments take less than an hour.

Show Off Softer, Smoother Skin

PRP Treatment Results And Recovery

It is vital not to expose the treated area to heat for a couple of days after your PRP treatment. Please do not apply any ice packs, oil, cream, or lotion on your injected skin. It is essential for you to refrain from smoking or alcohol for at least three days. Because PRP treatments are based on the formation of new collagen and healthy skin cells, the results will not be immediate. The preliminary results will show after a couple of weeks, and a big difference will be noticed after a full month. Complete results take about three months until the collagen is fully formed. Los Angeles PRP treatment results normally last for six to twelve months.

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Naturally Brighter Skin

Schedule your Los Angeles PRP treatment consultation with The Skin Agency today

Be comfortable and confident in your skin again! Contact The Skin Agency's med spa in Los Angeles, CA., to learn more from our highly-trained registered nurses about PRP treatments for your skin.

PRP Treatment

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking a lot of water 24 hours before your injection treatment is essential. Avoid alcohol or caffeine as it may worsen the after-injection bruising.

You may experience a little discomfort, but the anesthetic or numbing cream keeps you comfortable.

PRP Treatments have no allergic reaction risks because you're using substances from your own body. But as with any procedure involving an injection, PRP treatments may have some side effects, such as redness, bruising, or infection at the injection site.

While we personalize treatments for each person, costs may vary, but our mission is to offer affordable pricing. At The Skin Agency, we strive to deliver the best PRP Treatment Los Angeles has to offer and we believe you shouldn't have to break the bank to feel incredible.

Exceptional, Individualized Customer Care

Our commitment to quality customer service is paramount to your entire aesthetic experience at The Skin Agency. Everything about your initial visit has been carefully curated to provide you with some most advanced skincare treatments in the industry. With locations in Burbank and Glendale, our staff of highly-qualified nurses is experienced in the latest laser technology and injection procedures. You can expect each session to be educational, relaxing, and of the highest caliber because of our dedication to your personalized treatment plan.

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